Monday, October 5, 2015

Kern Tech Fest

So we are officially on break, I know Cynthia and I are EXCITED!
I'm excited to have some time to spend with my daughter who turns 4 years old this week.  My in-laws will be arriving this week as well for a visit from Kentucky.  This week is also my 10 year wedding anniversary.  So it is definitely a week filled with family and celebration. 

Even though this week will be filled with family time, my week is also filled with homework, lesson planning and the Kern Tech Fest.  This weeks homework is focused on Google and I must say I LOVE Google Apps for Education.  

I simply can't wait to attend the Kern Tech Fest.  Alice Keeler will be the keynote speaker and I am so excited to be there.  I follow Alice on twitter and I have learned so much from her.  I am currently working on figuring out my schedule for the day of the Tech Fest

I'm also working on my lesson plans for next week but I know after the Tech Fest I will likely be adjusting  my lesson plans.  Always excited to learn and grow professionally!
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  1. You do have a busy fun week ahead of you! Happy birthday to Sophia and happy anniversary to both you and Matt. 10 years is excting. I am so excited for kern CUE! We are going to learn so much!